About Us

Camp Strand is the third tier of the Melvin Jones Foundation (MJF). The Melvin W. Jones Foundation was established in 2002 to honor the legacy of the late Dr. Melvin Wallase Jones. Melvin’s lifelong mission was to encourage academic success, enhance leadership skills and mentor and pursue avenues for the career development of students, novice professionals and the community as a whole. His philosophy “Never, Ever, Ever …Give Up” is the principle upon which the foundation was established. The MJF Foundation provides financial assistance, networking resources, and services in support of mentoring initiatives, scholarships, and professional career development programs. Our Mission is to promote social advocacy, encourage academic achievement and personal development. Our Vision is to:

  • Promote academics, leadership and self-efficacy;
  • Provide resources and services in support of educational, mentoring and community programs;
  • Serve as a catalyst in the development of world leaders; and
  • Support mentoring initiatives, social development and scholarships.

The three tiers of the Melvin Jones Foundation are:

Tier I : The Melvin W. Jones Learning Community on the campus of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Tier II: H.A.P.P.Y. Homework Assistance Program Preparing Youth in Memphis Tennessee

Tier III: Camp Strand helping children and adolescents who have alopecia areata based in Atlanta, Georgia

Camp Strand is an innovative multi-faceted concept centered around bringing children, adolescents and families with alopecia together. It is our goal to provide opportunities for families to embark upon a wonderful experience of sharing and extending to others who are impacted by the condition. It is our hope to inspire those who may be struggling and connect them to outside resources to assist in coping strategies and self-esteem boosting.